Robotic Calibration

Calibration of industrial robotic arms

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Kinematic calibration of industrial robots, linear and axial motion systems

JSC Digital Assembly has developed its own calibration technology to refine the parameters of the kinematic model of the robots, linear and rotary axes

Main goal

Improving the accuracy of operations performed by a robotic cell and the quality of all produced parts

Using an external measuring system

Using a laser tracker to perform measurements significantly increases the final accuracy of the cell

Features of our technology

  • High measurement accuracy – excellent final result
  • No errors caused by the difference in actual and nominal kinematic schemes of the robot cell
  • Calibration of other cell components - instruments and fixtures
  • Ability to apply calibration results for any trajectory program

Areas of application for robot calibration

  • Milling with robots, including large-scale parts using external robot axes
  • Robotic material cutting (laser, plasma, hydroabrasive)
  • Welding of large-scale metal structures using several welding robots
  • Assembly and high-precision positioning of parts using robots

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