Trackless Scanning System

Software for scanning robotic cell

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TSS - Trackless Scanning System

TSS is an interface between industrial robot, sensors and metrological software

Unique synchronization algorithm is a key to building a scanning robotic cell without using any external measurement systems

TSS solves various manufacturing tasks:

  • Scanning automation
  • Scanning closed areas and cavities
  • Time and financial cost optimization
  • Easy and fast integration into manufacturing processes


  • Flexibility - TSS supports various sensor types and robot makes
  • Multi-sensor networking - simultaneous usage of several sensors of any kind
  • Self-containment - TSS doesn't need any external measurement systems to work
  • Reachability - ability to scan in robot’s full volume range including closed areas and cavities
  • Efficiency - ability to reduce the time of scanning cycle due to the usage of multiple sensors
  • API for easy integration


  • Robot and sensor synchronization
  • Data export in txt or into external software
  • Network configuration of components

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