Robot based machining center for large-scale parts

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AccuBig - high accuracy of subtractive and additive operations

Processing of large-scale parts is carried out with high accuracy and productivity with the help of an industrial robot. Laser tracker is an external measurement system used for tracking and correcting the position of the tool

Unique flexibility of AccuBig

Robot based machining center can be configured and customized for any task

The platform is capable of performing various types of operations with large-scale parts:

  • Linear, contour and volume milling
  • Hole drilling and boring
  • Laser, plasma or waterjet cutting
  • Additive operations with polymer, metal printing, laying of composite materials
  • Automated measurements
  • Grinding, surface cleaning, locksmith operations

AccuBig - adaptive control technology

Monitoring and position correction of the tool working point using an external high-precision measurement system

Minimum requirements for platform integration

AccuBig can be equipped with various types of robot movement systems to increase the operating range

Robotic cell is supplied in several layouts:

  • Stationary
  • Console
  • Gantry with movement along X, Y and Z axes
  • Adaptive design with movement and installation at given points

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