Flexible jig for the assembly of welded and soldered pipelines according to a CAD model

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SpaceFix - flexible jig

Includes innovative software for the assembly of welded and soldered pipelines according to a digital model Replaces dozens of stationary jigs

Components of hardware and software SpaceFix complex

  • A set of flexible adjustable equipment
  • Portable assembly tables
  • Optical measurement system and control unit
  • Software for process engineer and assembly operator
  • Set of industrial furniture and tools for comfortable work in the assembly working area

Benefits of SpaceFix

  • High speed of fixture adjustment and jig assembly. Low assembly operator qualification requirements
  • Flexibility and ability to quickly change the configuration of the system. The jig for the required type of pipeline is ready just in time
  • Reduced maintenance, storage and material costs due to the elimination of stationary jigs
  • High assembly accuracy due to the use of a metrological-grade optical measurement system
  • High return on investment

SpaceFix - Applications

  • Engine building
  • Aircraft industry
  • Shipbuilding
  • Power engineering
  • Space industry

Fixture is the key!

  • Flexible, easily adjustable jig based on a set of fixtures with several degrees of freedom
  • Universal – equipped with a mechanical interface for installing end fittings specific to a particular type of pipeline
  • End fittings are designed individually for customer’s pipelines and are included in the delivery package of Space Fix

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