Robotic Quality Control

Metrological robotic cells for product geometric parameters control

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Robotic quality control

We specialize in the design and integration of robotic cells used for automation of metrological control of the geometric parameters of products

Robotic cell is individually designed for the tasks and products of the customer. It automatically performs control of geometric parameters according to the compiled program and measurement map as well as data analysis and report generation

Applied technologies

Robotic cell core – Leica AT960 laser tracker with AS1 or T-Scan 5 laser scanner

The system is included in the Register of Measuring Instruments of the Russian Federation and provides unsurpassed accuracy in a wide range of dimensions of products under control.

The robotic cell control system includes specialized metrological software for automatic analysis of measurement results and generation of reports according to customer’s needs

Advantages of the using robots

  • Reducing the complexity of the process of controlling the geometric parameters of products
  • Improving the quality of control by eliminating errors of controllers
  • Expansion of the number of controlled parameters
  • Reducing the total time of control, analysis and report generation processes
  • Assembly control function - control of the presence / absence and proper installation of prefabricated elements
  • Welded seams control function - control of presence/absence of welded seams and their defects

Controlled products

– Mounted on a universal jig or upon a one or two axis positioner

Robot arm

– Can be installed on a linear guide or portal to increase the measuring volume of the robotic cell

Laser tracker Leica AT960

– Laser scanner Leica T-Scan 5 or AS1

Robot control and security systems

– Specialized metrological software is integrated into the operator interface

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