Universal Assembly Device

Unique software that brings jig assembly to a new digitized level

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UAD supports various equipment configurations and proposes universal approach towards jig assembly

UAD as a part of SpaceFix uses innovative technologies to allow the usage of 3D models to assemble the soldered and welded pipelines. The need to have tons of stationary jigs is in the past!

UAD solves the following production tasks:

  • Digitalization of pipelines assembly process
  • Visualization of fixture positioning
  • Time and financial cost optimisation due to the ability to store all jigs as 3D models
  • Significant production boost


  • Supports various optical trackers
  • Configurable UI, multiple language support
  • Individually designed UI controls to ensure the best user experience
  • Clear and responsive UI due to the usage of modern software design approaches
  • Quick integration into customer’s infrastructure

UAD - Applications

  • Engine building
  • Aircraft industry
  • Shipbuilding
  • Power engineering
  • Space industry


  • The ability to work with STEP files
  • Simplified UI to ensure easy access to all components of the system, including the measurement system and adapters
  • 3D visualuzation of jig assembly
  • User-friendly UI controls

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