Trackless Scanning System

Robotic scanning system for a wide range of applications

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TSS - Trackless Scanning System

Software and algorithms allow you to create a robotic scanning system without the need to use any external tracker, contrast marks or matting spray

Key features

TSS is a unique point cloud technology

  • Hardware components – an industrial robotic arm with a scanning sensor mounted on the robot’s flange
  • The robot control system system is the only supplier of information about the spatial position of the sensor during the scanning process
  • The software component of the system provides high-precision sensor calibration, synchronization and scan data transmission as well as the analysis

Benefits of TSS

  • Flexibility - use various models of sensors and different robots
  • Multi-sensor - install several sensors on a single robot
  • Reachability - scan in the entire working range of the robot
  • Performance - high scanning speed
  • Integration with external software - quick data export/import

Trackless Scanning System

Autonomous robotic scanning complex

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